Crankit-up was formed to help promote and draw a audience for the indie artist. A platform if you they won't get lost in the crowd.


Crankit has been working hard to become a dominate website...according to John, they have only really been operating since thanksgiving of 2014, But are gaining a huge momentum and following! They now have an exclusive radio show hosted by the famous SUKE from ANALOG radio...and are working that show into syndication with other radio stations. They are also expanding into web TV and web shows. CRANKIT-UP has put together an international team...Including Tracey Nelson from Australia that handles all overseas affairs! If you have ever wondered how to promote your music online, there is no need to continue your search. Crankit-Up makes music and Film distribution easy, with a step-by-step process that any artist can master. Stop hesitating and wondering - Submit today and start your career in a big way! Official web site Crankit-Up