Tom Raymond
Chief Executive of Operations/Founder

Tom Raymond, a.k.a T-Rex currently resides in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and is currently the CEO and founder of Indie Radio Network.  Not having former experience in internet radio, Tom started out once being DJ for Jah Radio out of Maryland, which was a Christian Shoutcast station hosted by his friend Soul Collector For Christ.

When Tom isn't doing anything with Indie Radio Network, he likes being among the public at various spots around town and likes to give a helping hand wherever he can and where his talents can be utilized.  Tom likes to think of himself as a person who wants to make an impact in people's lives with the content that is on Indie Radio Network because it makes people feel good not only about themselves but also makes an impact on the lives of others who come in contact with those who hear the music on Indie Radio Network.

If you need to reach Tom for station business, you can get a hold of him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or toll free at (877) 965-4222 ext. 101