You see a guy with an acoustic guitar on an album cover and you think you know what you’re going to hear. What you don’t expect is to find yourself in the middle of a deep rooted cross-rhythm, created by bass and percussion that are almost tribal-like in their dominance over the intricate guitar work in Brian’s single Consequences. The talent on the single and his album Someone to Sing To is solid with the likes of Shelley Carroll on saxophone (Duke Ellington's front man) and percussion magic from Patti Lebelle's percussionist, Jose' Rossy. You’ll fall hard into Rachel Stacy’s beautiful vocals singing with Brian on Key to my Heart. The album is an interesting mix of song styles from a little bit Country to a little bit Jazz, creating a cohesive theme of love and their lovers, you’ll want to ride on the Gray Train as you look up at th soft ballad of Jennabelle's Moon.

Brian was one of those kids being pulled into music through a force of Nature. Teaching himself to play at age ten, he added songwriting and started the band Destiny. Jay Zucker, founder of Telemundo, managed the band and they gained local fame through live performances, radio play and interviews on KDKB in Tucson, AZ, circa 1978-1980.

Brian moved away from music in the early 80’s to pursue other professional interests, but nothing could detour him from continuing to write and play. The spark came to start recording again when he located some of his old masters; and with a little push from his wife and friends, Brian stepped back into the studio to share his love of telling a story.